Blood Tests

Available blood tests and laboratory fees. These are fees paid directly to the laboratory to carry out the investigation. Click section title or picture to open available tests and fees.

General Practice Blood Tests

Including Full Blood Count, Liver Function, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Function, Diabetes screen, and Hormone testing

Hormone Profiles

Including Oestradiol, Testosterone, and SHBG.

man sight on white microscopeman sight on white microscope
white medication pill blister packagewhite medication pill blister package
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Vitamin Levels

Vitamin profiles, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and VItamin D.

Occupational and Sexual Health Investigations

Measels, Mumps, Rubella, HIV, Hepatitis, and TB.

Cancer Screen Tests

Including Trucheck - Intelli multi-cancer screen.

Trucheck Single Organ – TRU1 - £403

Trucheck Fem Health – TRU2 - £657

Trucheck Diabetes – TRU3 - £657

Trucheck Intelli – TRU4 - £750

Trucheck Prostate – TRU5 - £650

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Allergy Testing Profiles

Multiple food and inhalant panels. Also nut, dairy and shellfish specific panels.